Boat Entry Sales

All boat entry sales are final and can only be returned for wrong fit and swapped for a new size.

  • We will only be accepting 1,000 customers for the boat.

    Koozie purchases do not count towards entries unless ordered with a hoodie, t-shirt, hat or beanie. Shipping fees/tax do not count towards entries.

    Out of the first 1,000 customers, we will draw 30 names and put them into a separate drawing. Out of those 30, we will do the last 5 standing.

    Those 5 will then be drawn 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1.

    Last name drawn (1) will win the boat.

    All drawings will be on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook Live.

    Make sure you are opening all emails from us for contact and updates.
    You will be responsible for getting to Oklahoma and picking the boat up.

    All other items may be shipped directly to you or the bows will be picked up at a shop near you.

    Contest Winner will have 7 days from the drawing to claim the boat.
    If we do not make contact within that 7 days, on the 8th day we will do a one time re-draw.

  • Winnings will be as follows :

    5. 110QT Rtic Cooler / $400 value
    4. FoxPro Predator Call / $750 value
    3. Sitka Gift Card / $1,000 value
    2. Pulsar Thermal Scope / $3,000 - $4,000 value
    1. Prodigy Boat / $60,000 value (last name we draw)

    If we receive more than 1,000 customers, those names will be put into a drawing (1,001 & UP).
    Of these, the first 3 names drawn will win :
    1. Hoyt Bow
    2. Mathews Bow
    3. Pulsar Thermal Scope

    Must have 1,000 customers before the giveaway will be launched.
    Good luck!

Congratulations to our Two Vets Recon Tripod winners!

Congratulations to @k_doughty09 and Ethan Bryant on winning your Two Vets Recon Tripod! 🎉

Special thank you to @two_vets_tripods_inc for making it happen!

Make sure you guys check them out. Best tripods on the market.

Thank you all for entering and supporting us!